Our barriers prevent floodwater from entering your property
Take a look at how our flood barriers have helped others

Our Process
Expert installation of flood protection barriers
We’ve made the process as simple as possible for our clients. Leave the attention to detail to our fitters

Businesses can’t necessarily rely on their local authority to put in place flood management measures for the area containing the business premises. Sometimes it makes good business sense to take matters into your own hands. An investment in property-level flood protection now, could prevent a far-costlier repair and refurbishment bill further down the line.

Why Choose Our Barrier System?

Our flood barriers are patented in 8 countries around the world and have been tested by globally renowned institutions. Our barriers have consistently demonstrated their ability to withstand floods, and even tornados and hurricanes in countries where these are a threat. The British Standards Institution has awarded our flood protection barriers their Kitemark: a symbol of quality and safety only bestowed on the very best products. We are the only barrier system that has been tested to a width of 4000 millimetres – suitable for wide garages and patio doors – our nearest rivals only managed 2400 millimetres.

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