In 2017, in downtown Victoria, Texas, the Emergency Management Center experienced rainfall run-off that entered the front entrance of the building and caused over $600,000 in damage.  The water got under the front glass door seals and just an inch deep of water went down the stairwell and entered the elevator shaft and the server room.  After consulting with FEMA, the Emergency Manager reached out to Flood Ark USA for a solution.  Flood Ark USA surveyed the site and analyzed the water entry points.  It was determined that installing a Flood Ark Flood Barrier to protect the front entrance would solve the problem.  The flood barrier that was installed will protect this critical building from future flooding.  The facility staff was amazed by how easy the barriers can be deployed and removed in just minutes with no tools.  Flood Ark USA also installed a hurricane shutter over the glass front entrance to prevent hurricane driven debris from breaking the glass above the flood barrier.

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