1. Inquiry
We’re very approachable! You can contact us by phoning us , by emailing sales@floodarkusa.com or by filling out our contact form.

2. Survey
After discussing the scope of the project and giving the client an idea of cost, we will send a team out to survey your property. The survey is completely FREE. Once we have assessed the flood risk to your premises, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote along with our suggestions on flood proofing the entire property that is at risk with sealants and other solutions.

3. Installation
Experienced installers will install the aluminum frames into which the uPVC boards that form the flood barrier can be slotted. We can build bespoke storage for the boards when not in use.

4. Support
Flood Ark demountable flood barriers come with a 3-year guarantee. If you agree to have the system serviced towards the end of this period, we’ll extend the guarantee by a further three years.