At Flood Ark, we can supply and install a cover to suit any opening. Our range includes both the kitemarked automatic closing SMART AirBrick’s, or alternatively we can manufacture a made-to-measure cover to suit the unique requirements of your property. These can be used for protecting:

  • Double and triple size air bricks
  • Boiler vents
  • Tumble dryer vents

Not Return Valves let residential wastewater out, but not back into the drains of the house:

Custom applications for Flood Ark USA Barriers:

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Floor Ark’s proprietary frame and plank design create a watertight seal on the sides and most importantly on the bottom.  There are options for both “face mount” if there is at least 2” of clearance below the door threshold or “recessed mount” with removable cover plate.

Examples of Aluminum Flood Plank type barriers currently on the market.  Our findings have been that aluminum warps under pressure and retains that warpage preventing subsequent use of the planks.  You can see that these types of systems require a lot of effort to install and uninstall.  We have also found in years of real world testing that using only a bottom seal without framework cannot create a watertight seal if there are variations, grooves, cracks, etc. in the floor area.  The pressure from standing water is greatest at the bottom so the bottom seal design is extremely important.

Example of Flood Ark flood protection for low windows (Cannot do this with compression seal products as there is nothing to seal against).

Examples of Flood Ark Barriers in use during flood events.  Notice that sand bags do not provide a watertight solution, but the Flood Ark Barriers do.