This home, located near Fulshear, Texas, had flooded 3 times causing the homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in damage each time along with a tremendous amount of emotional trauma.  After exhaustively researching every type of solution from Elevating the home to a variety of different flood mitigation products, the owner’s decided to have Flood Ark USA provide the solution.  The siding and trim of the walls and rock work were removed up to 36″ by a water proofing company and sealed with a proprietary patented process.  Flood Ark USA provided the solution for the remaining flood prone areas such as low windows and doors.  These fantastic homeowner’s are now protected from future flood situations and can have peace of mind for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.  All of the barriers shown in the pictures below are stored along one wall of the garage.  This system can be deployed in less than an hour with with no tools needed and replaces tens of thousands of sand bags!

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