Q: How do I know that the Flood Ark USA Barrier will work?
A: Our Flood Ark Barriers have been tested and certified under the most extreme criteria by the Worldwide recognized testing labs of BSA Kitemark and have greatly exceeded all minimum requirements. Flood Ark USA Barriers have also passed the Hurricane Impact criteria of Miami-Dade. With over 7,000 installations in homes and businesses, these time-tested barriers have proven themselves in the field as well as in the testing facilities.

Q: How easy are Flood Ark USA Barriers to deploy and remove?
A: Flood Ark USA barrier system has an “open frame” that is permanently fixed to the opening which allows just one person to easily insert the lightweight yet incredibly strong planks with ease. Each plank only weighs 2 lbs/linear foot compared to heavy plank systems sold by others. Also, no tools are needed to install and remove unlike others that require power tools to secure from the top and the front using compression mechanisms.  How does a person know how much or how little compression to use?  Our cams are simple on/off and are not compression based.

Q: Why UPVC instead of Aluminum or Steel?
A: Our first prototypes, in 2004, were actually constructed out of aluminum, but we quickly learned that aluminum retained a memory after a flood event causing the planks to “warp” and not seal properly in subsequent use. Our proprietary UPVC is lightweight yet extremely strong (passing Miami-Dade impact testing), and does not retain a memory after a flood event. This allows Flood Ark USA to offer a warranty of 3 years, with an option for longer warranty period, as opposed to others with only a limited 1 year warranty.

Q: How does the Flood Ark USA Barrier seal at the bottom?
A: The Flood Ark USA Barrier Aluminum frames are installed by Flood Ark USA to surround the three sides of the opening subject to water intrusion (left, right, and bottom). This custom, color matching frame installation along with the proprietary design of the planks provides a watertight protection of the opening. The bottom of the frame is installed in a manner to prevent “trip hazard” and in driveway (garages) or industrial settings can be driven over with no damage to the system.  Other products that use a bottom gasket that is compressed downward are not going to seal the opening and will result in seepage or worse.  Flood water pressure is tremendous at the bottom of the opening, which is why we use the bottom framework to seal against the structure.

Q: How do I get a quote for the Flood Ark USA Barrier system for my home or business?
A: To receive a preliminary quote to protect your home or business from water intrusion, we would like to know your location and the ballpark width of the openings you need barriers for. Once you have an idea of cost and would like to proceed, our experienced field staff will perform a jobsite evaluation and make recommendations to protect your home or business, including solutions for any points of water intrusion that our barriers are not in place to protect. (i.e. – weep holes in brick, air vents, etc.)  We work with the top company in Flood Proofing to seal the slab to wall transition as well as the walls.  Contact us for more information on whole house/building flood proofing.