Whole house/building flood proofing:

While our Flood Ark USA Flood Barriers will absolutely prevent water intrusion for openings such as doors, windows, drive thru areas and wherever deployed, the structure that they are attached to needs to be flood proof as well.  Below slab level to above the joint between slab and bottom plate of structure needs to be sealed as well as the exterior surface of the vertical walls including any penetrations and weep holes.  We have commercial grade solutions for every situation.

There are many sealant products on the market that can achieve flood proofing for a home or building, but it is advised that the proper products be used and the application be performed by an experienced professional.  With our decades of real world experience, Flood Ark USA can advise the client on the best course of action and the companies that we recommend for flood proofing.


Concrete and Brick Wall flood proofing:

Moisture penetration is one of the most critical challenges facing concrete structures. Interior or exterior, above or below grade, unprotected structures can suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Liquid-applied high-performance membranes and cementious coatings provide a seamless barrier to seal walls and penetrations against the most damaging conditions. Protection can be enhanced further through the use of admixtures that facilitate low concrete permeability.

For Brick Veneer homes, it is critical to address:

  • Retrofit slab to wall sealing.  (There is more behind the slab to wall sealant process than just a top coat of sealant.  It is a multi-step process)
  • Address “Weep Holes” with Flood Proof Air Bricks or One way Weep Hole inserts
  • Raise or seal all exterior penetrations such as vents, faucets, electrical plugs
  • If applicable, have sewer back flow preventer installed to prevent “back up” of water into the home’s plumbing
  • Fill all cracks in mortar and slab with commercial grade joint sealer
  • Coat exterior with 100% penetrating commercial grade sealer

These are all processes that can be provided as part of our Flood Proofing service.  Our Flood Ark Flood barriers address the entrances, windows, garages, etc., but floodproofing requires a multi-step solution.  Call or email us with any questions on our services or products.

Example of spray on wall sealant for brick:

Brick & Concrete Sealer is a unique, state-of-the-art, penetrating waterproofing sealant for porous bricks, poured concrete, concrete blocks, pavers, stones, and other porous building materials. Sealant can absorb deep into the substrate (up to 4″), internally filling the micro-pores and curing as a hard plastic! (Similar to plugging the pores with epoxy.) Sealant both waterproofs and strengthens the surface, helping to preserve and protects your concrete, brick, and masonry for years to come.

Sealant sheds surface water, is stain and chemically resistant, and provides freeze-thaw resistance when applied to outdoor surfaces. It also helps block negative side water pressure when used for indoor, subterranean applications. Once cured, water cannot push the sealer out.

How about Brick “Weep holes”?  Good place for water to enter the home or building:

These weep hole inserts can be installed as retrofit into the existing weep hole slots and with a simple rubber stopper become flood proof.  Remove stoppers periodically to allow any condensation drainage and re-insert.  Just one available option:

Air Bricks:

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