Preliminary quote for home/facility/business:

Using our email or online contact form , client will need to send information on city location as wells as flood protection needs such as door opening, wall window, etc. along with ballpark WIDTH in linear feet.  (i.e. – I am in Houston, TX and have 3 doors, 1 is 3 feet wide and 2 double doors that are 7 feet wide).

Flood Ark USA will respond with a preliminary estimate for installation of Flood Barriers.  There are many variables that are taken into account for final pricing that can raise or lower the final price, but this gives the client an idea of overall cost for flood protection.  These are proven, professional flood protection systems, not DIY gimmicks, and are installed by Flood Ark USA trained installation crews for true watertight flood water protection.

Jobsite Survey by Flood Ark USA staff:

Once the client understands the cost of the flood protection project, Flood Ark USA will schedule a jobsite survey to analyze overall flood protection including “weep holes” in brick, sealant needs for slab to baseplate transition, and much more.  If the determination is that the Flood Ark USA barriers will provide the necessary water intrusion protection, precise measurements are taken to provide final quotation and project appropriate design.

Acceptance of Flood Ark USA quotation to begin custom fabrication process:

Upon acceptance of Flood Ark USA quotation by client, a 50% deposit is required along with custom frame color selection.  At this point, the project enters the fabrication queue.  (Contact us for current production lead times)

Installation of Flood Ark USA barriers:

Once Flood Ark USA barriers are fabricated, they are sent to powder coating.  After powder coating, they are inspected and crated for installation.  Installation schedule is confirmed with client and Flood Ark USA installation staff begins installation process.  Normal installation for a home or business is 2-3 days.  Facility installation such as hospitals, schools, Public Buildings, etc. the installation timeline is based upon number of openings and access.

Flood barriers for facility

After Installation procedure:

Upon completion of the installation of Flood Ark USA barrier framework, a demonstration of use is performed with the clients.  Storage location is identified and racks are installed, if option is selected by client.  Project site is cleaned of all installation debris and final payment is received and 3 year warranty and maintenance paperwork is given to the client.

Flood Ark USA Flood Barrier Client is now protected from future Flood events!

Flood Ark USA flood barriers take just minutes to deploy for each location and require just one person and no additional tools.  Lightweight, yet incredibly strong, these barriers have been in constant use in over 7,000 installations and have proven effective for over 15 years.