Webster Medical

These beautiful and much needed Medical Offices in Webster, Texas had flooded twice costing the Doctors tens of thousands of dollars in renovations as well as being closed for several months and unable to take care of their patients.  Flood Ark USA was sought out after several other attempts at flood proofing had failed.  We installed Flood Barriers along all of the openings subject to flood waters to prevent future damage and down time.  These barriers are able to be installed in just minutes and store conveniently along one wall in the storage room.  No tools are needed and the barriers are light weight yet incredibly strong due to their design.  Below are pictures showing some of the process involved.  We worked at night during most of the “dirty” phases of the installation as to not inconvenience the patients.  This building is now protected from flood waters by Flood Ark USA!

Fulshear Residence

This home, located near Fulshear, Texas, had flooded 3 times causing the homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in damage each time along with a tremendous amount of emotional trauma.  After exhaustively researching every type of solution from Elevating the home to a variety of different flood mitigation products, the owner’s decided to have Flood Ark USA provide the solution.  The siding and trim of the walls and rock work were removed up to 36″ by a water proofing company and sealed with a proprietary patented process.  Flood Ark USA provided the solution for the remaining flood prone areas such as low windows and doors.  These fantastic homeowner’s are now protected from future flood situations and can have peace of mind for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.  All of the barriers shown in the pictures below are stored along one wall of the garage.  This system can be deployed in less than an hour with with no tools needed and replaces tens of thousands of sand bags!

Victoria EMC

In 2017, in downtown Victoria, Texas, the Emergency Management Center experienced rainfall run-off that entered the front entrance of the building and caused over $600,000 in damage.  The water got under the front glass door seals and just an inch deep of water went down the stairwell and entered the elevator shaft and the server room.  After consulting with FEMA, the Emergency Manager reached out to Flood Ark USA for a solution.  Flood Ark USA surveyed the site and analyzed the water entry points.  It was determined that installing a Flood Ark Flood Barrier to protect the front entrance would solve the problem.  The flood barrier that was installed will protect this critical building from future flooding.  The facility staff was amazed by how easy the barriers can be deployed and removed in just minutes with no tools.  Flood Ark USA also installed a hurricane shutter over the glass front entrance to prevent hurricane driven debris from breaking the glass above the flood barrier.

Houston Residence

This beautiful 4 story residence, located along the Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas flooded in 2017 causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  The owner’s reached out to Flood Ark USA to help them find a solution to prevent future flood related damage.  The walls and concrete underpinning have been flood proofed with a variety of processes.  The windows and doors have been fitted with custom Flood Ark Flood Barriers.  This house is now protected against future flood situations.  We timed the installation of the barriers at under 30 minutes to install and all of the barriers conveniently store along a side wall in the garage!